Our website, h0d1.com is an online crytocurrency community run by investors for investors. Our goal is to have a platform where individuals have the ability to read news, in-depth articles, and personal opinions from affiliated investors and news sources. We also know that everyone needs a platform for their voice and opinions to be heard, so we offer a forum where users can register for free.
Th founders of the website, started the site in January of 2018, after they saw the growing trend of penny stock investors trading and following altcoins. The owners of PSInvestor.com (sister site) jumped on the opportunity to create something new and hopefully special.
We have partnered with multiple influential people in the "crypto space" to not only drive users to the site, but provide quality content for our readers to stay educated and informed. These partners have social recognition on such social media platforms as twitter, facebook and youtube. Not only are they traders, but they are group moderators, instructors and trainers, ICO consultants and blockchain specialists.
Enjoy the site, tell a friend, we'd love to hear your feedback on how we can be better. Also, if you are a blogger, we'd love to cover your articles. Contact us at h0d1dotcom@gmail.com 

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