• With all of us being forced to stay indoors and vegetate on either the couch or in bed whilst wearing the same briefs since the lockdown began, it’s good news that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have received a mental escape in the form of the survival game Stranded Deep. Many of our prior devastating bug fixes should now be addressed — as a…[Read more]

  • Is the issue more related to the age old stereotypes – boys play with guns, girls play with barbie dolls? Quite honestly, the game industry NEEDS the diversity and cannot continue as a ‘boys club’. Is it possible that the decrease in enrollment in computer science and STEM fields contributed to creating this environment in the gaming industry? I…[Read more]

  • Anyway, this is a zombie game and we have all seen a zombie movie or two, so who needs advice about running a zombie game? And no, this is not a guy hating on the color pink because it’s a girly color (First of all, I do not hate the color pink at all, it’s actually a very pretty color, when used correctly), but because the movie does a TERRIBLE…[Read more]

  • Probably a bit too much, truth be told. Roblox works a bit differently. 2018 it. Works great with playstation week 5 fortnite cheat map 4 xbox one fortnite v bucks unlimited microsoft windows macintosh operating systems. No registration or survey v buck generator december 2018 required. Woche von season v bucks generator without human…[Read more]

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    If the server is not exactly qualified for the game, player will not get the optimum experience of gaming. These hard and soft libraries are equally valid ways of collecting design experience and making it available to practicing engineers in tried and tested forms. There’s a second shop for buying fabrics to re-texturize your room and furniture,…[Read more]

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    It’s so exciting to lead a diversity of troops, and various heroes with different skills. It allows players to role-play as feudal lords: develop cities, expand territories, recruit heroes and train troops. The app allows users to create multiple colorful counters and easily count up, down or reset with multi-finger gestures as you track habits…[Read more]

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