Today’s Twitter Poll Shows Crypto Investors Have Gave Back Some Gains Since Late January

A respectable chartist and trader on twitter, who goes by the name Big Cheds, held this very same poll just one month ago. On January 22, 2018, his followers were asked what their total gain/loss was since they started trading cryptocurrency. According to the final results, of which 2,145 investors participated, 65% had made money and 35% had lost. About 41% of the poll takers had made between $1 and $5000 from trading coins compared to 7% whom lost more than $5000.

Today’s poll, which was an even larger sample (4,661 pollers) showed a decline in the investor’s ability to make money in crypto trading. While 48% still were up since their start of investing, now 42% had lost. The most voted for answer was “Lost $0-$5000” which accumulated 40% of the vote. People who had lost $5000 or more jumped from 7% to 12%.

This poll doesn’t speak for the millions of crypto traders out there, but as we know in sampling, you don’t have to eat the whole pot of soup to get a taste for how it is. Many of us are hopeful cryptocurrency turns around the rest of this year just as much as we hope Big Cheds continues the good fight in his bout against Cancer. To see the full results, please view the pic below. To follow Cheds Trading on twitter, click here.

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